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Lab In-Source Management

We provide lab management at client's premises. Upon request of customers' demand, we can draw our professional calibration team to customer's premises to set up the calibration lab fulfilling customers' short turn around time and to their best conveniency.
This value added in-source management services has proven to minimise tracking load and ensure customers with total satisfaction.

  • Burettes (Graduated Burettes & Digital Burettes)                   
    o     Range: 5 to 50 ml
  • Conductivity Meters
  • Gas Meters for Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Formaldehyde, Hydrogen Sulfide, Methane, Nitrogen Dioxide, Oxygen & Sulfur Dioxide
  • Measuring Cylinders                                               
    o     Range: 5 to 1000 ml
  • Pipettes (Micropipettes, Bulb Pipettes & Graduated Pipettes)
    o     Range: 0.01 to 50 ml
  • pH Meters
  • Refractometers
  • Volumetric Flasks                                            
    o     Range: 10 to 250 ml