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On Site Measurement, Analysis & Evaluation

  • Air quality assessment
  • Electromagnetic Radiation / radio frequency
  • Infrared thermography of building & electrical panels
  • High speed videography (30,000 frame per second)
  • Load testing and certification
  • Noise measurement   
    o     Ventilation system or fan
    o     Pump & machine room
    o     Environment e.g.: rain drops on roof/wall
    o     Generator and engine
  • Non destructive testing and inspection
  • On-site calibration of various measuring equipment
  • Strain measurement of steel/ concrete structures
    o     Machine structure integrity
    o     Building structure   
  • Temperature and relative humidity mapping of cold room
  • Vibration measurement
    o     Floor Vibration, motor/engine/fan vibration
    o     Seismic vibration studies

Metallic Materials & Components such as:
  • Microelectronic Components (Mechanical Failure only)
  • Bearing, Gear and Shaft
  • Boiler / Re-heater Tube, Heat Exchanger
  • Equipment Used to Support Failure Analysis
    o   Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
    o   Energy Dispersive X-Ray (EDX) Spectrometry
    o   Facilities for Metallographic Sample Preparation and Evaluation
    o   Mechanical Testing Facilities Including Fracture Toughness, Fatigue
    o   Chemical Analytical Facilities
    o   Capabilities to Perform Non-destructive Testing
  • Screw and Fastener
  • Structural Member and Piping System
  • Tool and Die
  • Turbine/ Compressor Blade