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Lifting Equipment & Accessories

Industrial Equipment & Machinery (Type A Inspection Body)

  • Lifting Gears:
    o     Wire Rope Sling (Single, Multi-legged Slings)
    o     Chain Sling
    o     Flat Woven Webbing Sling
    o     Chain Block
    o     Lever Block
    o     Lifting Beam
    o     Shackle
    o     Webbing Sling
  • Lifting Platforms (Scissors Lift, Hydraulic Working Platforms etc)
  • Lifting Machine (Overhead Crane, Mobile Crane, Pillar Crane, Wheel Mounted Crane etc)
  • Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

Offshore Services

  • Offshore Load Test and Inspection Services

Air Receivers

  • Services and Inspection on Air Receivers according to MOM WSH Act 2006.

Fire safety products and materials are regulated in Singapore by the Singapore Civil Defence Force.

STS Certification administers the STS Product Listing Scheme (PLS) over various types of fire products and materials to allow manufacturers and traders to demonstrate their commitment and compliance to the product requirement in accordance to national or international stardards.

Certification of Conformity will be issued once the product meets the required standards.

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