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Mechanical & Metallurgical Testing

  • Field Emission Scanning Electron Microsope(FESEM)

    It is an advanced analytical microscopy technique that can be used to resolve and analysenanosize structures to provide topographic, morphological and elemental composition at the surface of a sample.


    1.High resolution imaging for both conductive and non-conductive samples even without any conductive coating applied.
    2.Resolves nanostructure surface detail on both conductive and non-conductive samples.
    3.Measures size of particles on non-conductive fillers based on image.
    4.Identifies elements present on unknown/foreign material.
    5.Provides elemental composition of metallic materials.

          (Note: Elements with atomic number less than 11 cannot be quantified.)


  • Tensile, compression, shear, flexural/bend and torque test
  • Charpy impact test
  • Hardness test (Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers)
  • Welding procedure & welder qualification test (ASME, API, AWS, CAAS)
  • Bond strength test/Lap shear test
  • Customised load test
  • Cyclic / fatigue test
  • Fracture toughness (CTOD, KIC)
  • Pressure / hydrostatic test
  • On-site pull-out & shear test of cast-in component (Bolt, Channel)
  • Materials tested:
    o     Metallic, Polymeric, Composite, Ceramic
  • Product/ Component tested:
    o     Rebar, Wire Mesh, Steel Wire, Metalform
    o     Fasteners (Bolt, Nut, Screw)
    o     Scaffold System (Frame and Modular) and Components
    o     Spring / Shock Absorber
    o     Packaging Product / Pallet
    o     Bar, Beam, Piping, Valve, Fitting and Structure
  • Microstructural evaluation of steel, nickel alloy, copper alloy, aluminium alloy, tin/lead, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, titaniumalloy, powder metallurgy materials, etc
  • Macro-examination of welds
  • Grain size measurement
  • Determination of case depth/decarburisation depth
  • Determination of inclusion contents in steel
  • Coating / plating thickness measurement
  • Debris (solid particles) identification
  • Ferrite count (duplex stainless steel)
  • Micro-hardness test
  • On-site portable hardness test
  • In-situ metallography (replica)
  • Evaluation of thermal spray coatings
  • Cross section examination of PCB components
  • Intergranular corrosion test
  • General corrosion test

Portable Air Velocity Meter Up to 40 m/s
Pressure Gauge Up to 16000 psi
Low Pressure Instrument -2500 to 2500 Pa
Pressure Transmitter Up to 16000 psi
Barometer 11 - 17 psia
Vacuum Gauge -0.9 to 0 bar
Micro Manometer Min 0.08 inch water
Up to 64 inch water
Air Flow Meter 0.03 to 30 LPM
Liquid Flow Meter 0.2 to 185 LPM (0.03 to 50 GPM)
Weighing Balance / Platform Up to 4000 kg
Torque Wrench Up to 2500 Nm
Torque Gauge 0 - 15 kgf.cm
Torque Meter Up to 250 lbf.ft
Tensile / Compression Machine Up to 100 ton
Hardness Tester Force Verification Only (Brinell / Vickers / Rockwell)
Force Gauge Up to 100 ton
Durometer All types
Gram Gauge 5g to 20 kg
Dead Weight Up to 30 kg
Push Pull Gauge Up to 1000 kg
Load Cell Up to 100 ton (compression)
Dynamometer Up to 100 ton (compression)
Leak Tester Pressure and Flow Rate
Cable Tensiometer Cable Size: 1/16'' to 9/32'' (1.6 to 7 mm)
Maximum Tension Load: 300 lbf
Accelerometer Up to 100 g
Vibration Meter Up to 100g


























STS conducts water efficiency testing on washing machine to Public Utilities Board of Singapore (PUB) requirements. Upon testing, STS assist the manufacturers and traders to apply for PUB Water Efficiency Labels. Upon successful registration with PUB, suppliers/retailers will fix the Water Efficiency label for each of their washing machine model displayed for sale or supply. The Water Efficiency label will also be prominently fixed to each model or on its packaging at the point of sale or supply or offer for sale or supply.